I have new designs featuring gears.

I love to engineer things. I recently found a source for some nylon gears I decided to have some fun. I bought an assortment of sizes and I made a mold of each one to work from. I like the look of the gears but I am adding an ornamental piece to the center. The center design for the pieces above came from an antique glass button.

Right- the first - Pretty pendant in sterling set with a small diamond in 14k yellow bezel.

Left - the second - Sterling silver pendant that SPINS! (also set with a small diamond in a 14k white bezel)

Center - the third - I had to try the idea as a ring. It spins too! This piece is also sterling and has a small ball of 14k yellow gold at the center.

I'm working on making molds so that I can produce these designs quicker and lighter. (The ring above is REALLY heavy.) Once I have this worked out, and a few more patterns for you to enjpy, I will be posting them for sale.

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