Me at Lake Superior

I was an only child. There weren't always other children to play with so I was given lots of art supplies to keep myself entertained. I would sit and draw for hours. I wanted to learn to carve wood but my mother wouldn't let me have a knife (something about safety...). I would carve chalk with straight pins and I tried carving candles with butter knives.

In school, I took every art class that I could sign up for. It was in ninth grade that I took my first jewelry class. We learned basic wire work which was nice. We learned to enamel which I enjoyed because of the color. But then we learned to cast. It was just simple gravity casting in pewter but I thought it was just so cool.

But then... high school and my life would be forever carved in... wax? I took a jewelry class my sophomore year and I was told that, "If you can carve it into wax, you can cast it into metal". I was immediately hooked. I spent all the time that I could in the art department until I graduated and I have been designing and creating ever since.

I am inspired by symbolism, mythology and folklore. I believe that everyone and everything has a story. The lessons of life have been passed down in myth and legend for as long as people have been able to communicate with each other. For nearly as long, people have adorned themselves with things to tell their own stories and express who they are as a person.

I still live in Kansas City, with Jeff (my other half), and our three dogs, Ursa, Cassie, and Tessa. I always have pencils and markers on hand as you never know when the next design will strike.

Ursa, Cassie and Tessa

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