The Extra, Extra, Extra Special Ones...

Title "The Twins"
Details Twin sea dragons in sterling silver stand gently holding a rare Louisiana opal atop a 12 carat pear shaped amethyst and a matched pair of peridot trillions. It is a hefty piece measuring 4 inches across the wingspan of the dragons. It is strung with one side, a 3 strand twist of stones, and the other is a braided rope of chenille fibers. (I restrung it from the velvet in the photo on the left, to the fibers in the photo below.) The back of the piece conceals an extra surprise. A mermaid hides in the depths. Overall length is 20 inches.

Title "Dual Mermaids"
Details I bought this wonderful handmade glass seahorse bead from Kimberly Affleck at the gem show in Tucson. It looked like scrimshaw on ivory and I had to have it. I ran a piece of sterling wire down through it as I didn't want to put any pressure on the glass. I put a pair of mermaids, complete with dorsal fins and fanned out tails, to finish off the 4 1/2" long silhouette. The clasp is a matching mermaid in a "hook & eye" configuration. (The body of the mermaid slides across her tail to catch in the opening of the moon.) Overall length of the necklace is 19 inches.

Title "The Seer"
Details A dear friend cut this piece of Chrysocolla and I thought that the only color missing was yellow. I knew that whatever I made for it, it would be in 14k yellow gold (almost 3 ounces). This little dragon stares into a stunning blue Indicolite Tourmaline. He is strung onto a strand of Chrysocolla beads and gold tubing that is spaced with sterling silver and accented with the perfect Boro Silicate beads (by Bokamo Designs). The toggle also matches in style with its own blue Indicolite Tourmaline accent. The back of the pendant is also carved with another hidden "spirit dragon" (the one that is unseen, but always near, to hear our every wish). The overall length is 17 inches.

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