www.verreyglass.com This is my glass site. It is where you can purchase Verrey Glass Sculpting Medium to turn powdered glass into something that can be formed by hand and fused into some pretty wonderful things. It is the product that I use when I am making patterned glass pieces and my sculpted glass faeries.
www.vulcans-forge.com My day job. If you are in the Kansas City area, you should pop in and have a look around. If you are looking for something specific and we don't have it, there is a good chance that we can make it. The store is located in the same space with Aquarius, a WONDERFUL new age store.
www.wolftools.com Kate Wolf is one of my heroes. She is a wax carving professional that has also worked to develop waxes and tools for the jewelry industry. And, for everyone that has asked me about wax working classes, Kate has workshops in her studio in Portland, Maine.

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